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Liberia (U.S. Sphere of Influence) and Ethiopia (Attempt at Westernization).

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Ethiopia and Liberia

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Q: Which two countries were independent in 1914?
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Which two countries remained independent in 1914?

Libya and Ethiopia

What two countries spent more on armaments in 1914?

Germany and Britain were the two countries that spent more on Armaments in 1914.

What 2 African countries remained independent during the colonial era?

The only two truly independent countries in Africa are South Africa and Ethiopia. However, Ethiopia in the one that is considered to be absolutely independent as it was never colonized.

What two countries remained independent in Africa after the Berlin conference?

The two African countries that remained independent are Liberia and Ethiopia.

Which two countries remained independednt in 1914?

Ethiopia and Libya

What were the two independent countries in Africa during European Colonization?

The countries that were independent durning the European Colonization in Africa was Liberia and Ethiopia

What happened to native African political entities by 1914?

The political entities of Africa decreased by the colonization of the Eurpeon countries and America (The political entities are the native countries that had retained their independance during the orignal colonization in 1880). Eventually only 3% of African still held independent countries by 1914. The other countries lost their rights and freedmon to other countries.

Who owned Romania in 1914?

Romania was an independent country in 1914.

When are two countries independent?

Trinidad:1962 Jamaica:1962

Do Serbia and Montenegro have the same flag?

No, they are two independent countries.

Is Congo and Angola the same?

no they are two separate and independent countries

Is England a colony of Ireland?

No. They are two separate and independent countries.