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The Palace of Monteuma.

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2018-02-07 21:36:46
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Q: Which was built first the palace of Montezuma or the presidents palace?
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When was the summer palace built in Beijing?

the summer palace was first built in 1750 AD.

Who built mysur palace?

King Yaduraya first built a palace inside the Old Fort in Mysore in the 14th century.

What was the first building gaudi ever built?

the archbishop's palace

When did construction start on buckinham palace?

It has been built in stages. The first part was built in 1703.

Where were the first Chinese palace built?

i dont know but i ll try in2999999999999 bc

Who was the first owner of buckingham palace?

Buckingham House was built for the Duke of Buckingham. When royalty started living there, they enlarged it and called it Buckingham Palace.

Who was the first empire of the Aztecs?

Montezuma was the leader during the first empire of the Aztecs. This was during the fifteenth century. There was some time between the ruling of Montezuma 1 and Montezuma 2.

What was Tryon Palace Built for?

it was the first capital building in North Carolina , and the governor and his family lived in it

Who was Montezuma the first?

An Aztec emporor

Who first lived in Hampton court palace?

Thomas Wolsey, the later Cardinal was the first to live in Hampton Court Palace, he had acquired preceeding buildings and built the Palace complex itself. After his fall from grace and shortly before his death he lost the Palace to King Henry VIII..

When was Alexandra palace built?

First opened as The Peoples Palace in 1873, 16 days later destroyed by fire, re-opened 1st May 1875

How much of your first nations monument built in the last four years?

How much of Americas first presidents monument built in the last four years(1882,1882,1883,and 1884

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