Who is Constantine?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Constantine I
Constantine is best known for being the first Christian Roman Emperor. In 313, Constantine announced toleration of Christianity in the Edict of Milan, which removed penalties for professing Christianity (under which many had been martyred in previous persecutions) and returned confiscated Church property. Scholars debate whether Constantine adopted his mother St. Helena's Christianity in his youth, or whether he adopted it gradually over the course of his life.[3] Constantine is also remembered for convoking the Council of Nicaea in 325, one of many significant impacts the emperor had in the development of the Christian religion. Answer
the first emporer turned christian for government sake back when. See Related Links
See the Related Links for "Constantine I" to the bottom for the answer.

Answer1. Constantine used a rebellion in order to become the emperor of all of Old Rome (had Byzantine Empire- Eastern 1/2 to start with). It becomes Nova Roma or New Rome.

2.He established the great Constantinople. It was situated so it could control trade between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. This meant it practically controlled global trade. This city later become Istanbul of Turkey (I think)

3. Establishes Christianity as legal. Before they were persecuting them...

The funny thing about him is that Constantine had visions of "God" and rode to battle with a flag with a cross on it in order to win. But he wasn't a Christian until the day he died. People say it's easiest to be Christian that way since you can ignore all the rules and then get cleansed before you die....
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A Roman emperor in the 4th century, most notable for legalising Christianity and setting it as an additional tool, combining it with the imperial cult of Sol Invictus.

As a Mithras cult initiate, it is doubtful if he accepted Christianity himself, but he was alert to the usefulness of the heirarchical system of Christian bishops, unlike the other mystery cults which had none, in helping him to exert control over the Roman Empire.
Emperor Constantine allowed Christians to practice their faith and then later was baptized

Emperor Constantine at first did not let christians practice their faith but later he allowed it and was baptized himself

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Q: Who is Constantine?
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Who was the ruler of the first Bulgarian Empire?

Constantine I

How did Constantine I help make Christianity a unifying force in the Byzantine Empire?

he promoted religous tolerence

For what reason did Constantine suddenly order the execution of his beloved son considering surviving sources are unanimous in declaring him a loving trusting and protective father to his first son?

Constantine's eldest son, Crispus, was executed in AD 326 on suspicion of attempted rape and treason. One account of the events tells of Constantine's wife Fausta falling in love with Crispus, who was her stepson, and made an accusation of him committing adultery only once she had been rejected by him, or because she simply wanted Crispus out of the way, in order to let her sons succeed to the throne unhindered. Then again, Constantine had only a month ago passed a strict law against adultery and might have felt obliged to act. And so Crispus was executed at Pola in Istria. Though after this execution Constantine's mother Helena convinced the emperor of Crispus' innocence and that Fausta's accusation had been false. Escaping the vengeance of her husband, Fausta killed herself at Treviri.

What city was once the center of the byzantine empire?

Constantinople Named after the last of the greatest Emperors Constantine before the Dark Ages.

After ten years of civil war where did Constantine establish the capital of the Eastern Empire?

Constantine never had a thing to do with the "eastern" empire or the "western" empire. He moved the capital of the Roman empire to the eastern city of Constantinople. The connotation of eastern and western was not made by the ancients, but is a term invented by historians to clarify the part of the empire they would be writing about. The ancients considered the empire one, and they all considered themselves Roman.

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