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Jesus Christ changed and affected church history

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2009-02-15 20:12:41
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Q: Who affected church history?
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how has history affected our world today

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Church is based on history. Its existence would not exist without history.

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It has given the church a bad name.

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When was Church History Library created?

Church History Library was created in 2009.

Is church history objective or subjective?

The term 'church history' can be either objective or subjective; for example: Sentence subject: The church history goes back for two centuries. Subject of clause: When the church history was first written it was hand written. Object of verb: We had the church history compiled from our archives. Object of preposition: We've had many discussions on our church history.

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If the pastor files for personal bankruptcy, no - the church fund can't be touched. If he files bankruptcy ON BEHALF of the church, then any and all funds and assets of the church can be affected.

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