Who are Gothic people?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Goth people as a correction here have various or dynamic beliefs, in whether its religion, seeing the dark elements in life including the unknown, and tend to separate themselves from the rest of society based on how we represent ourselves in appearance, social surroundings, and more importantly we are very tolerant! We keep an open minded approach, and listen to what you have to say, because in life everything is pretty much open for interpretation.

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it can be everybody, like you or me.

Gothic people wear black and are depress. No, I'm kidding

Gothic people are not always weraing black, they are, for the majority, verry nice and gothic can be happy too. Just forget those stupid Prejudice thant fashionend people and scared stupid mom talk to.

Because gothic are happy and nice people that know how to have fun!

Despite spelling mistakes, the person above me is correct for the most part... Most of the answers to the "What are goths" questions are completely ludicrous.

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Q: Who are Gothic people?
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What kind of music do goth people like?

Gothic music

What is Dracula means to the gothic people?

To Gothic people, Dracula is a symbol of fear and an exemplification of passion. Dracula is also a mysterious creature to Gothic people, and a symbol of death, as well.

When was gothic found?

gothic was found in 1800. gothic people dress up black and they have black hair and they love darkness.

What did the gothic in Motueka NZ used to be?

the wonderful gothic used to be a church where people could get married.

Why are emo or gothic people more judgemental than preppy people?

Emo,punk and gothic people think they're better than everyone else

How were people educated in the Gothic Period?


What is ecogoths?

Gothic people who have bad egos!

Why do people join gothic groups?

People may join gothic groups to connect with like-minded individuals who share an interest in gothic culture, music, fashion, and art. These groups provide a sense of belonging, community, and understanding for individuals who identify with the gothic subculture. Additionally, gothic groups offer opportunities to attend social events, concerts, and gatherings centered around gothic themes.

Is it true that gothic people always wear black make up?

Yes, gothic people always wear black and red make-up. They are obsessed with it!

Is Lady Angellyca Gothic?

While she considers herself to be many people in the gothic sub-cultrue consider her fake and a poser.

What is needed to create gothic literature?

Gothic environment, ghosts, haunted house, forest, the mysterious people, murders etc.

Single stroke gothic lettering styles?

There are many different types of styles which people use called gothic font. These do not have special names though they can be Italian, bold, or underlined.