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Chiang Kai-Scheck, Sara Cain, K' Lynn Garcia, Natasha, Chantal, Kaitlyn Jebens, Wayne Chen.


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The most important teacher in Chinese history was Confucius.

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Lao Tzu

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Q: Who are some important people in China?
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Why do some people not want to trade with China?

Some people do not want to trade with China, because some of China's goods that we buy are not made well. Or these items have products in them that are not healthy for people to be around.

Why is religion in China important to some people who live there?

The Christians in China love God and want to be good citizens of their country as well as share the gospel to help get souls saved.

What are some important rivers in China?

The Yellow River and the Yangtze River are the two largest and most important rivers in China.

What are some of China's resources?

china's most important resource is it's labour force.

Do Chinese people celebrate Palm Sunday?

A:Mostly no, although there are some Christians in China. Christmas is becoming an important shopping festival.

Why are Chinese liberation army so important in china?

it is important because they saved people

What jobs do people in china have?

People in China work in factories, restaurants, and mills. Some people in China have government jobs or work in retail.

Why is the Great Wall of China important?

because that's where they had wars at and to keep out people from destroying or invading china.

What is an important cultural difference between republic of china and the people's republic of china?

writing: Simplified,Traditional

Why do people emigrate from china?

There are several reasons people go to China. Some travel to China on business, and some people have family and friends there. Sometimes people choose to vacation in China to experience and learn more about the culture, which may be far different from their own.

What are two reasons rivers are important to China's people and economy?

For agriculture and transportation reasons.

Why did Chinese build pagodas?

Because its a little part of Chinese history.During the ancient China ,if the government wanted to memorize some people or some important events ,they will build a pagodas.