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their are tons of cool people that r openminded! ask your teacher and learn!

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how is that helpful? i cant do that
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Marilyn Monroe :) ?

Robert E.Lee


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Q: Who are the famous open minded people in history?
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Who was tang taizong?

Tang Taizong is a emperor from the tang dynasty. He was open minded and compassion towards situations between his dynasty and the Sui dynasty.

How do you delete history on the asus tablet?

To delete history on an Asus tablet open up the Browser application and in the toolbar on the top right of the screen click Menu and then select the Settings option. There will be an option called "Clear History", hit that button and all the history within the browser should be cleared.

What were the seven major causes of World War 1 and give examples?

This is clearly homework. You need to open the history book.

What was not a part of Lenin's plan for governing Russia?

A democratic form of government was not part of Lenin's plan. Lenin never intended for the new government to be a democratic government, that is, open to all citizens. He believed that it was necessary to keep government in the hands of a small group of like-minded people so that the gains made by the revolution would not be lost. That meant that only members of the Bolshevik Party were going to be allowed to hold high offices in it and the Bolshevik, later Communist, Party would never lose control of the government no matter what the people of Russia wanted. Freedom to oppose his policies was not to be allowed either.

Who are Gothic people?

Goth people as a correction here have various or dynamic beliefs, in whether its religion, seeing the dark elements in life including the unknown, and tend to separate themselves from the rest of society based on how we represent ourselves in appearance, social surroundings, and more importantly we are very tolerant! We keep an open minded approach, and listen to what you have to say, because in life everything is pretty much open for interpretation.

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Where are people the most open minded?

most people are a lot open minded when there high it gives them the ability to come down and see things a different aspects of situation

Is Fidel Castro open-minded?

It depends how you define open minded. He was pretty open minded sending his rivals to the paredon to face the rifle squad. He was open minded to have no free press. He was very open minded about power.

What is the antonym for open-minded?

We generally think of closed-minded as the opposite (the antonym) for open-minded.

How open minded was Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was VERY open-minded. I mean, if he wasn't very open-minded, how do you think he came up with a firehouse, a library, and other awesome inventions. Seriously, he was TOTALLY open-minded.

What is the proverb that encourages people to be open-minded?

There are two sides to every story

Is close minded the opposite of open minded?


What is the opposite word for open minded?


Who is an open-minded famous person?

Miley Cyrus seems very open-minded! But you seem pretty cool yourself :)

Is Rihanna quiet or open minded to her fans?

She is very open minded to her fans she loves them 100%

What personal qualities does modeling require?

- Poise - Grace - Confidence - Photogenic - Outgoing - Bubbly personality - People person - Quick minded - Open minded

What is another word than open minded?

apple is another word besides open minded, please be more specific and for a start open minded isn't one word peace

What does open minded means?

Open-minded means a person is willing to consider new ideas and views.