Who assassinated trotsky?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Ramon Mercader. He was an agent of the NKVD, the Soviet Internal Affairs Department on August 20, 1940. He was severely injured by an ice axe that hit him and died of trauma a day later died in the hospital after surgery.

Previously, the USSR had attempted to kill him, but with no success until then.

Ramon Mercader, likely an agent of Stalin.

The KGB was not around until after Stalin's death. The story is that Stalin had some an agent of the NKVD - the Peoples Commissariat for Internal Affairs, a public secret police system under Stalin notorious for running the Gulags - named Ramon Mercader, from Barcelona Spain. This man claimed to have been born in Tehran under a diplomat for a father, and was a Belgian journalist named Jacques Mornard who bought a fake passport on the black market. This person was released in prison after 20 years in 1960 and went between Cuba and the USSR (where he was apparently treated like a hero.) He was never able to get back to Spain fortunately, even though he wanted to.

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No. His agent killed him because Stalin wanted Trotsky to be dead.

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Ramón Mercader (Aka. Frank Jackson)

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Q: Who assassinated trotsky?
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When was Leon Trotsky assassinated?

August 1940

Who is the Russian politician that was assassinated in Mexico?

Leon Trotsky, the number two man in the Bolshevik Party during the Russian Revolution of October 1917 was assassinated in Mexico City, Mexico in 1940.

What Russian figure was assassinated by Ramon Mercader in 1940?


How was Trotsky treated by Stalin?

Poorly, in fact he was assassinated on Stalin's orders.

Who was Former Red Army general who was assassinated in Mexico?

Leon Trotsky.

What did Stalin do to Trotsky?

Stalin had Trotsky expelled from the Communist Party and exiled from the Soviet Union. He then ordered the assassination of Trotsky, who was killed in Mexico in 1940 by a Soviet agent.

Who was Stalins arch enemy and rivel and who Stalin had assassinated after Stalin was in office?


In which country was communist exile leon trotsky assassinated in 1940?

In his home (the "little fortress") in Coyoacan (in Mexico City) in August of 1940.

Who was the high-ranking Bolshevik who was assassinated by Stalin?

Leon Trotsky was murdered on orders from Stalin in 1940.

What are facts about Leon?

Leon Trotsky was the founder of the Red Army. He was the People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR from 1917 to 1918. He was a Marxist and a revolutionary. Trotsky lived from 1879 to 1940 when he was assassinated.

Who does the character snowball represent in the book animal farm?

Seems like Leon Trotsky to me. He opposed Stalin for which he was exiled and eventually assassinated in Mexico by a Soviet agent.

When snowball is being chased by the dogs what even does this relate historically?

This event represents when trotsky (snowball) for chased by the secret agents of stalin, and trotsky was then assassinated and killed. this was because stalin eventually didnt agree with trotsky's ideas, so he ordered the agents to do so. hope this helped :)