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Leon Trotsky accused Joseph Stalin of being a tyrant and demanded democracy. Although Lenin wanted Trotsky to assume leadership after his death, Stalin's supporters out-maneuvered Trotsky. Stalin suppressed Lenin's will and manipulated Trotsky out of his post of Commissioner of War as well as out of the Politburo.

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Q: Leon trotsky accused Joseph Stalin of being a what?
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What was the British king accused of?

He was accused of being a tyrant, taxing without representation and of treating colonists like slaves.

What happened during the great purge?

The Great Purge was orchestrated by Joseph Stalin and took place from 1934 to 1940. During this time, Stalin removed thousands of people from the communist party in an effort to solidify his position. Being expelled from the party during this period often meant that you would also be arrested, imprisoned, and sometimes executed.

What pamphlet is credited as being one of the instigators of the French Revolution?

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes' pamphlet "What Is the Third Estate?" .

What was Stalin's weakness?

Examples include the five-year plans and collectivization. Many of his deeds can be success or failures depending on how you look at it. An example is his modernization program. He succeeded in modernizing the Soviet Union, but at a terrible human cost. So you can say he succeeded because the USSR is modernized or you can say he failed because he caused many to lose their lives.The answer above deserves to be seen and the contributor gave a good honest answer, however, the question was about Stalin's failures, which many historians, and communists in Russia, would agree are legion. Here's why:After Lenin's unexpected and premature death in 1924, Stalin soon earned the reputation of being one of the most powerful and murderous dictators in history. He became dictator by killing off all the other communist leaders that stood in his way. In terms of suggesting that Stalin succeeded because he modernized the USSR cannot hold water if the cost of modernization was the loss of lives. Modernization is never worth it at the cost of murdering people.The first victims of the Bolsheviks were people against the Revolution. These people were bent on killing the Bolsheviks so it's to be expected that counter revolutionaries' lives would be lost and yes in the counter revolution, there were Bolshevik deaths. But now we must jump to 1924 when Lenin died and Stalin became dictator.Stalin's forced collectivism of the Kulaks in the Ukraine and peasant Russian farmers cost millions of lives.Stalin's next set of victims were Marxist - Communists who, like the murdered Leon Trotsky, once head of the Red Army, Stalin had to destroy. In the 1930's his rule even has a name "The Great Terror". Then anyone Stalin believed were his political enemies, were executed and this included mostly communists. Khrushchev himself admitted to signing off on the death warrants of 30,000 "enemies of the State".In 1938-9 The British & French sought a treaty with Stalin against Hitler. Stalin chose instead to join Hitler in the German-Soviet Non Aggression Pact. The pact had a secret clause. If Germany was to invade Poland, Stalin could "occupy" the eastern half of Poland.WW2 began and Russia occupied the eastern half of Poland. That was not the worst of it. As Gorbachev revealed in the secret KGB files in the late 1980's what Poland knew all along was true. The KGB took 15,000 Polish Army officers into custody and executed them all.After WW2, The Soviet Union built what Churchill called the "Iron Curtain"Almost 1/2 of Europe became communist nations. This was not some "popular" election, it was done with the armed force of the Red Army.As we know, Stalin's body was removed from the tomb with Lenin in Red Square. They placed him in a wall somewhere. In 1960-1 Premier Nikita Khrushchev revealed to the Soviet Politburo all of Stalin's crimes against humanity and Stalin was condemned by the Party.

Why Syed Ahmed Khan was accused for being pro british?

After the War of Independence in 1857, sir Syed started working to bridge the gap between Muslims and British but he was accused of being pro-British. This perception was due to some reasons. When the war of 1857 had broke out, sir Syed was working as a chief judge in Bijnaur. He saved the lives of many British women and children. This made the Muslims unhappy and they labeled him as a traitor. Another thing which may have become the reason was that he advocated scientific ideas and western education. In his Urdu journal Tahdbib-ul-Akhlaq he asked Muslims to gain scientific knowledge and western education whereas the Muslims at that time considered scientific education as un-Islamic. Thirdly he advocated English as the medium of education and that Muslims could only get their right when they will know how to speak English. Also to counter the Hindus, they would have to know how to speak English. These reasons may well support that why was Sir Syed Ahmad accused of being pro-British.

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How did Stalin deafeat Trotsky?

Stalin used his position as General Secretary and alliances forged against Trotsky to isolate him from the party members. Twice he kept Lenin's testament against him from being read. After Lenin's death, Stalin banished Trotsky and his two main allies from the Communist Party. The allies were later allowed in when Stalin had secured power, but Trotsky was exiled.

What do the three main pigs in animal farm represent?

Snowball represents Leon Trotsky, and Napolean is based on Joseph Stalin. Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union from around 1929 until 1953. Stalin had Trotsky killed for being a threat to his rule. I am unaware of Squealer's historical base.

How did Leon Trotsky lose power?

Although Vladimir Lenin had chosen Trotsky to succeed him, Joseph Stalin kept that from being made public. Stalin was already Secretary General of the Communist Party and had installed many friends in high office who were loyal to him. Stalin also allied himself with Grigory Zinoviev and Lev Kaminev to run the government while Lenin was incapacitated as well as after his death. Stalin thus had virtually all of the important people in the Communist Party on his side and against Trotsky, so he was easily able to get a vote to expel Trotsky from the Communist Party and then exile him from the country.

Where was Joseph Stalin when he died?

Joseph Stalin was at his home when he died on March 5th, 1953. Joseph Stalin is most known as being the dictator of the Soviet Union.

When snowball is being chased by the dogs what even does this relate historically?

This event represents when trotsky (snowball) for chased by the secret agents of stalin, and trotsky was then assassinated and killed. this was because stalin eventually didnt agree with trotsky's ideas, so he ordered the agents to do so. hope this helped :)

Why did Lenin hate Stalin?

Stalin saw Leon Trotsky as a threat to his power as the Soviet leader. Trotsky had been a vocal critic of Stalin and Stalin's so-called "communists". Stalin had Trotsky exiled and later assassinated. Even in exile, Trotsky was considered as a major threat by Stalin. Trotsky's ideas were being spread around the world in Marxist circles. Stalin believed he had to liquidate the Marxist Trotsky.

Who was Leon Trotsky and what became of him?

Leon Trotsky was a Russian revolutionary and politician. He played a significant role in the Bolshevik Revolution and later served as the founder and commander of the Red Army. However, after a power struggle with Joseph Stalin, Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Party and exiled from the Soviet Union. He lived in various countries before ultimately being assassinated in Mexico in 1940.

What was Joseph Stalin famous for?

being the dictatore of russia

What did the supporters of Joseph Stalin most likely want?

Supporters of Joseph Stalin most likely wanted to see the USSR become industrialized quickly. Stalin came to power as a result of Czar being deposed.

What is the historical parallel to Snowball being chased off the farm?

Snowball is an allegory for Leon Trotsky who was Stalin's main opposition. He was sent on exil in 1929.

Evil natured person or being?

Joseph Stalin Adolf Hitler Voldemort

What was Joseph Stalin known for?

Joseph Stalin was best known for being a communist revolutionary. He was also known as the official leader of the USSR and played a large role in the second world war.