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The Puritans

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Q: Who began the Boston settlement to escape religious persecution?
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How did religious groups escape persecution in the 1600's?

They fled to the United States in hopes of finding freedom of religion.Although England renounced religious persecution fifty years later, in 1689, killings and beatings continued on through the land, so most all Protestants traveled by boat into America to escape persecution of the Catholic Church.

Why did the pilgrims run away from England?

The Pilgrims left England and the Netherlands to escape religious persecution. They found that freedom in the New World in Massachusetts.

What are two primary reasons why Europeans first settled in America?

What are the two primary reasons why Europeans first settled in America? Many wanted to form a democratic government. They wanted to escape religious persecution. There was a tremendous amount of political turmoil. Free land was given to anyone making the long trip.

Why did the christians leave and make new enland?

A relatively small group of Christians, called Puritans, had differing religious opinions and conflicts with the State religion of Great Britain. They traveled to the Netherlands to escape persecution in England. This failed to work out so upon returning to England they applied for permission to settle a colony in the New World. They were approved to do so. They settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in New England. In the early 1600's Their ship was the famous Mayflower.

Why did the Europeans come to upper Canada?

The single most prevalent reason that many Europeans left their continent was to escape religious persecution. There were also the adventurers who were true explorers, and dedicated their lives to exploring the new world (the Americas), discovering indigent peoples, mapping the geography they discovered, and naming the new places, animals, and plant life they never had seen before. Another motivation for the leaders of the countries that finanaced expeditions was to accumulate more wealth and territory.