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The Pilgrims left England and the Netherlands to escape religious persecution. They found that freedom in the New World in Massachusetts.

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Q: Why did the pilgrims run away from England?
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What do you call Pilgrims that break away from the Church of England?


Who were the Pilgrims and the Indians?

The Pilgrims were a religious group that came from England via the Netherlands that wanted to have a religious state away from England. They met Squanto and he and his tribe helped the Pilgrims survive the harsh winter.

What did the pilgrims primarily want to do?

Get away from the churches of England and worship God thier own way.

Where did pilgrims come from?

AnswerThe Pilgrims originally came from England. Then they moved to Holland. Then they went to America

What pilgrims came to America?

Pilgrims from England.

Where did the pilgrims sail from?

The Pilgrims sailed from England.

Did the Pilgrims come to New England after the Puritans?


Who was the pilgrims king when they were in England?

The king of England when the pilgrims left England was Charles the first.

Were pilgrims puritans?

Yes. They were the same people. Their religion was Puritan.

The pilgrims left England and moved to where?

the Pilgrims moved to holland

Why did the pilgrims come tto the us?

They were religious fanatics getting away from another bunch of religious fanatics that were in power in England.

What did the king of England do that made the pilgrims angry?

The king of England made the pilgrims angry when he made all of England pratice his belives.