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Though I was unable to find out who created the phrase, I did find out some of it's history for you.

One reference says it has to do with the blacksmith trade. A good blacksmith would have a skilled apprentice that would be able to juggle man projects at once. But an apprentice that became overwhelmed would be said to have, "Too many irons in the fire." This would be the mark of an inefficient blacksmith or useless apprentice. Such is the case when we use this term today. When someone becomes overwhelmed by too many tasks on the go or a particularly difficult task, they too are said to have "too many irons in the fire." This term originated in the 16th century.

Source is quoted below if you want more information on this idiom.

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Q: Who came up with the idiom too many irons in the fire?
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What is the origin of the idiom irons in the fire and what kind of irons are they referring to?

An alternative explanation for the origin of 'irons in the fire' relates to the battlefield surgeon, from at least medieval times, who kept a fire going with a number of different cauterising irons in it at all times. The irons were used to cauterise wounds and stop people bleeding to death. A surgeon with many irons in the fire was prepared to treat any size or shape of wound.

What does too many irons in the fire mean?

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When was There's Too Many Irons in the Fire created?

"There's Too Many Irons in the Fire" is a common expression that means having too many tasks or responsibilities at once. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact date or origin for this phrase as it has been used for many years in various contexts.

What is the meaning of too many irons in the fire?

it means to be engaged in too many acticities.

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Having other ( or many ) irons in the fire means having alternative plans of action. Usually said when one plan is threatened with failure or frustration.

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