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there really isnt anyone who contributed the most to the world in history.... however there are many people who changed it....


Martin Luther king junior

many people like that... if you really need someone who did the biggest thing for the world then just ask me and i could probably find you something :)

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Q: Who contributed to the world most in history?
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Which of Europe's physical features most contributed to its large world influence throughout much of history?

It's coastal location

What inventions have woman in world history have contributed too?

Amelia Earhart helped with the airplane...

Which society contributed most to religions?

the world is ending!!!

What civilization contributed more to world history ancient Greek or ancient Egypt?

ancient greeks

Navigators contributed to the history of the Philippines?

ROXANNE and PRINCESS are the youngest navigators who contributed to the history of the philippines

What is the 'Question history' on WikiAnswers?

It shows you what was contributed to the question, and who contributed.

Scientist who contributed in human anatomy?

A lot of brilliant people have contributed to the knowledge of anatomy and made a place in history. Some of the most intelligent personalities the world has ever seen have been a part of this history. Names like Mondino de Liuzzi, Hippocrates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vesalius, Henry Gray etc are part of it.

What has Will Smith contributed to history?

this is ridiculous

History of phoenicia?

the phoenician contributed to our history by coming up with the alphebet

What contributed most to the increase of the world's poplulation?

CHINA! well before they had a birth limit

Has India contributed to the making of world history?

Yes. It's religions, including Hinduism, Jainism, Brahminism, and Buddishm all influenced other cultures around the world.

Which factor contributed most to the rise of totalitarian governments in Europe World War 2?

world wide economic depression