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King John succeeded his brother King Richard (Richard the Lionheart) in 1199.

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Q: Who did King John replace as the King of England?
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What is King John of England's birthday?

King John of England was born on December 24, 1166.

Who was king John III?

England has but 1 King John....

Who was the worst king of England?

King John was the worst king England ever had

What was King John of England's job?

Monarchs such as King John of England pretty much get to define their own jobs.

Where did the pope excommunicated King John in 1208?

King John was excommunicated in England

How old was King John of England at death?

King John of England died on October 19, 1216 at the age of 49.

What is the whole name of John you England?

John King.

Which country was King John held captive?

In which country?Bad king John of England was held captive in England of course. John the Good was probably held captive in England or France.

Who was king of England efore King John?

Richard "The Lionheart"

What was king john II the king of?

There has never been a king John II of england, the name is regarded as unlucky

Who was Cabot's sponsor?

John cabot's sponsor was england

When did King John of England die?

19th October 1216 is the date King John Died