Who discovered the US of America?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The term "US of America" is a political one and refers to the country whilst "America" is geographical. It is certain that the Vikings reached North America before Columbus as Viking artifacts have been found. Properly speaking, those who 'discovered' the Americas were the people who migrated across the Bering Strait during the last Ice Age.

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Probably the Siberians that crossed into what is now Alaska. Some stuck around and are generally called Eskimos. Others migrated south and became our American Indians. Others migrated down into what is now Mexico, Central America, and South America, becoming Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas, among many other tribes.

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Amerigo Vespucci in 1497

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Q: Who discovered the US of America?
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How was America discovered?

While the "Native Americans," the Norse, the Chinese and perhaps others discovered America earlier, the discovery by Columbus in 1492 is considered the "official" date of discovery becasue that is the discovery from which the modern world descends.

Who was president of the US of America in 1300s?

No one, America was not discovered back then it wasn't till July 4, 1776 America became a country.

Why is Columbus Day a holiday in US?

Because Columbus discovered America

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What was the US called before it was discovered?

Before it was discovered, the US, and America as a whole, had no collective name - because it was not known to the Europeans. The natives did not bother with a name for America because they were more concerned with their territory and the lands claimed by neighboring peoples than with mapping the continent.

Amerigo Vespucci what affects did that have on the US?

America is named after him. He discovered longitude and latitude. Made maps.

Why was the newly discovered continent called the US rather than Columbia?

The continent has never been called 'the US.' The continent is North America. North America has three countries, Canada, Mexico and the United States of America.

Why don't Americans speak Norwegian if the Vikings discovered the US?

Because the vikings didn't settle in America.

Who discovered England for America?

Richard Hakluyt it was John Cabot

What did Amerigo Vespucci discovered what?

Amerigo Vespucci discovered that Asia was not a part of America. America was named after him.

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Christoper columbus was an explorer he found america

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