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Robert Peel, the first "Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis" (Metropolitan Police) in 1829.

Trivia: In the film "Young Sherlock Holmes", the plaque on a door at "Scotland Yard" wrongly shows this as "Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis".

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Sir Robert Peel

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Robert Peel

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Q: Who founded the London police force?
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Who founded the London police?

the London police was founded by Sir Robert Peel.

What importance did Robert peel serve for law enforcement?

He has a huge impact, he founded the London police force, without him the modern police may not even exist.

What year was the police founded?

It depends on the police force.

What is a Bobby is the slang?

A Bobby is a British policeman. The London police force was founded by Robert Peel, and policemen are therefore known as Bobbies or Peelers.

When was the Dubai police force founded?


Who founded the police forse and who?

The founder of the police force is robert peel

What is the first police station in London?

Scotland Yard was the first headquarters of London's Metropolitan Police Force.

What was a police car called in 1789?

A horse. In 1789, there were no cars, and also no police. The idea of a civilian "police" force was the invention of Sir Robert Peel, who founded the London Police. (If you have ever heard British police refered to as "Bobbies", or "peelers", that's where the term came from.)

How were police force in London England in1880s?


What are the headquarters of the police force called in London?

Scotland Yard

Who is considered the founder of London's New police?

Sir Robert Peel founded what has become to be known as the Metropolitan Police Force, originally named 'Peelers' they were a better organised, government funded 'legal' version of the streetwalkers who policed London's street before a uniform and organised structure could be formed.

What was the first recognizable police department formed in1829?

THe Metroplitan Police Force of London England.