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Q: Who gave Napoleon the opportunity to be politically involved with the French Revolution?
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What extent did the American Revolution represent a radical change for women?

Although the American Revolution did little for women politically, women proved their worth on the home front. They demonstrated that they could be as involved -- and as useful -- as men, even if not fighting.

Who were three major people involved in the French Revolution?

There were an awfull lot of people involved in the French Revolution, but to name 4 of the most important figures: - King Louis XVI - Queen Marie Antoinette - Maximilian Robespierre - Napoleon Bonaparte

How did the American and french revolution affect the colonists in the Americas?

France provided support to the US during the War of 1812 although they were tied up militarily with the UK in Europe. Napoleon was the Seller to the United States of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 which almost doubled the size of the states. The political mood of France was so Anti-Anglo that anything that vexed the UK was most pleasing to the French.

Which key idea led to the French Revolution?

At the popular grass roots level it remained revolution based on bread and the hope for a better tomorrow. The peasants were not concerned with politics or Enlighternment Theory. Those were the concepts of theory and they were only involved in the hope of feeding the family.

What were three causes of the march revolution?

The February Revolution (on Woman's Day in March) involved mass demonstrations and armed fights with police and the loyal forces of the Russian monarchy. Causes of the revolution were political and economic instability, technological backwardness and fundamental social divisions.

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Why did Napoleon get involved in the French Revolution?

He defended the Directory against a Royalist counter revolution with a whiff of grapeshot.

How was democracy involved in the French Revolution?

The people hoped for a democracy to happen after the French Revolution but instead they got an empire with Napoleon.

What is an abstentionist?

An abstentionist is a person who does not get politically involved, or a person who agrees with people not getting politically involved in situations.

What links Toussaint L'ouverture with the French Revolution?

He was involved in the Haitian Slave Revolt of Haiti in the Post Revolutionary years under Napoleon.

What side did Napoleon fight on in the French Revolution?

The French Revolution was not a war like the American Revolution. It involved a major change. It involved a number of wars. It started with the overthrow of the absolute monarch Louis XVI. It began with a constitutional monarchy. It disintegrated into the Reign of Terror when anyone who did not think the right way had his or her head chopped off. That included the king and queen. That government was overthrown by the Thermadorians and women ran around without any tops on. In the middle of the chaos, General Napoleon took over the government of France. Napoleon took over to bring order and peace. France was involved fighting several bordering nations. Napoleon fought them all and defeated them all. He continued fighting when it was no longer necessary.

What has Napoleon to do with the French Revolution?

Two major events in defense of the French Revolution involved Napoleon and catapulted him to fame and fortune. At Toulon he gained the high ground with his artillery and was able to defeat the Royal Navy and to drive it from the port.His Whiff of Grapeshot ended the Royalist counter revolution and cleared the streets of Paris in defense of the Directory by killing 1,400 of them with massed artillery.

How did George Washington get politically involved?

He was taught by his father and was into it from then on!!

How many countries were involved in the napoleon wars?

5 countries were involved

Was Napoleon Bonaparte ever involved with the US?

He was involved with the sale of the Louisiana Purchase.

How many people in japan are involved politically?

All of them. They're Asian.

Who was involved with the rover Opportunity?


What wars did Napoleon fight in?

The French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.