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Q: Who has the right to apply for Canadian passport?
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I am Canadian passport holder can mother get Canadian passport?

If you were born in Canada you should get it automatically If not you can apply for one at the nearest Canadian embassy or if in Canada apply at the local governmental agency.

How do I get a Trinidad passport if married to a trinidadian.?

I'm a Canadian citizen married to a Trinidadian/Canadian person; how do I apply for a Trinidadian passport?

Who has the right to appy for a Canadian passport?

A Canadian citizen with no criminal background.

What four rights that Canadians enjoy?

The four rights that Canadians enjoy are: 1 the right to vote 2 the right to a good education 3 the right to live anywhere in Canada 4 the right to aply for a canadian passport

Do you get your passport number when you apply or when you get the passport?

Usually when you have the passport at hand. It is stipulated in the top right corner of the passport

Does everyone get a Canadian passport that applies for one?

my answer would be.... every Canadian _citizen_ that apply for a Canadian passport will be issued one. however issuing a passport will depend on numerous factors, such as your criminal records, whether your the Canadian authorities have issued a warrant for the applicant arrest etc etc

Can you hold Canadian passport and Philippine passport?

If you are a citizen of both countries then you can apply for the dual citizenship so that you can get both passports.

Does a Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport born in Venezuela need a venezuelan passport to enter and leave Venezuela?

No really. But if you have a Venezuelan passport it would be easier than to enter using your Canadian Passport. Since you are born in Venezuela you are a citizen by birth and therefore is able to apply for a Venezuelan passport unless the law says otherwise.

Can you apply for British passport if you were born in Canada to Canadian mother and British father?

Yes, definatly.

we live in pakistan at karachi city. our canadian proassport expird.what is the procedure ?

After your passport has expired you need to go to the Canadian Consulate and apply for a new one. Once a new passport is approved you will be able to travel again.

How do you apply a passport?

You have to get in touch with the passport office who can guide you in the right direction. attached link can help you out with procedures.

Can a US citizen get a Canadian passport if her mother is Canadian?

Contact the nearest Canadian mission to you and ask them to help you to see if you are eligible (the laws changed on April 2009). If you are in Canada, call Citizenship and Immigration Canada: 1-888-242-2100.If you get your certificate of citizenship, then you can apply for a Canadian passport.