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The Nutkani or Notkani Nodhkani are a Sraiki sindhi and Balochi speaking Baloch tribe, mainly sraiki is speaking in DG khan and Balochi are speaking in Rajan pur and Kharan Balochistan Sibi Dara Bughti also nutkani are speaking Sindhi in sindh mainly associated with the Pakistani areas of Mongrotha, Taunsa Sharif and Dera Ghazi Khan

The name of Nutkani tribe is drived from Nozbandagh also called "Meer Notak Khan", who was with the chieftain Sardar Mir Chaker Khan Rind when he migrated to Punjab from Baluchistan(indigenous homeland of Baluch Nation). Which means that Notak Khan who is founder of whole Nutkani tribe

Known Nutkani sub-tribe include,

- Nutkani Family

- Malghani malagh Khan,

- Kertani karat Khan,

- Mithwani Mitha Khan

- Mankani or Malkani Manak Khan

- lalwani Lal khan

- Tangwani Tangu Khan

- Mundarani Mundar Khan

- Maswani Masu khan

- Bughlani

- Nasoha

- Bilwani

- Laskani

- Sangrani

- Machrani Machrani and mundrani both are same

- Datani

- Shadani

- Kotani

- Rehmani Barkhurdar House Koro Gharbi

- Mirani

- Umrani

- Lakhani

- Shahani

- Gadi

Many more are included in Great Nutkani tribe of Dera Ghazi Khan. The tribe has a strong political and economical influence in the region, the tribe also has a great educational level. Nutkani Balochs ruled Sangher till the end of eighteenth century AD. Nawab Asad Khan and Nawab Massu Khan were famous rulers of the place. Asad Khan saved his state from Sikh occupation. Nawab Asad Khan Nutkani was the Great Ruler of this tribe, who ruled sangher in British and Sikh periods and also before them. He was strict in his rules. After Nawab Asad Khan Nutkani,Nawab Massu Khan Nutkani was the ruler.Nutkanies ruled the Land of Sangher for Hundred of years and They are Lions of Sangher. They have fought many battles against british, Sikh, Buzdar, Qaisrani, Langhah in past. One fact why Nutkanies have no Tumman, because they were against British. Today all other socalled Tummans are only due to their services to Britain.

There are many membersa of the Nutkani tribe who are Doctors, Engineers, Geologists, Lawyers in Pakistan and abroad

Nutkanis are populated nearby area of Taunsa Sharif/Dera Ghazi Khan but distributed throughout Pakistan and other countries. (locations listed below)

Notak Chief family is living in the Mongrotha West.......


- DG Khan

- Dera Bugti

- Toba Notkani

- DI khan

- Damaan

- Kharan

- Bhakar

- Notak

- Sibi

- Badin

- Rajan Pur

- Bhawal Pur

- Tounsa/Taunsa Sharif

- Mangrotha

- Sokar

- Dony Wala

- Makwal

- Notak

- Shadan Lund

- Hairo

- Bughlani

- Lalu

- Bindi

- Dira

- Mundrani

- Larra

- Bohar

- Koro

- Sindh

- Goth Kado Notkani

- Goth shabaz Notkani

- Goth Boland Nottkani

- Goth Fakir Mhd Notkani

- Goth Bango

- Matli

- Karachi

- Islamabad


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Q: Who is Notkani or Nutkani and what its history?
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