Who is Sancto Cabot?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sancto Cabot is John Cabot's son. He is known for being an explorer, and led three voyages of his own before going missing with his father.

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Q: Who is Sancto Cabot?
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What was Sancto Cabot famous for?

Sancto Cabot was the son of John Cabot, leader of 3 voyages and explorer. Sancto went on the dreaded 3rd voyage with his dad; both never returned.

What are Jean Cabot's kids names?

Ludovico, Sebastian, and Sancto[2]Ludovico, Sebastian, and Sancto[2] his children's names were Ludovico, Sebastian and Sancto

Did Cabot have kids?

Yes, John Cabot had three children. They were Ludovico, Sebastiano, and Sancto.

Did john Cabot have kids and what were they called?

Sons- Ludovico, Sebastiano, and Sancto

What age did john Cabot have his kids?

John Cabot had three sons named Lewis, Sebastian and Sanctus, which is the "English" for Ludovico, Sebastian, and Sancto. Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) was Italian (Genoese). A link can be found below.They were Ludovico, Sebastian and Sancto.

Did John Cabot have chilkdren?

He had 3 sons named Ludovico,Sebastian,and Sancto.

How many kids does John Cabot Have?

Three Sebastian,Ludovico,Sancto

The names of John Cabot's children are?

John Cabot's children were named Ludovico, Sebastian, and Sancto.

Who did John Cabot marry and where?

in 1477, john Cabot got married to Mattea In Venice Italy

John Cabot's family?

his wife is Mattea. He had 3 sons-Sebastiano, Ludovico and the last is unknown Hey this is someone else now - up there ^ is right his wife is Mattea and he had three sons but the last on is not unknow they were: Sebastiono, Ludovico ans Sancto

What was John Cabot's wife name?

His wife's name was mattea

Did john Cabot have kids?

no John Cabot did not have any brothers or sisters.