What was the explorer Sebastian Cabot famous for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sebastian Cabot was a well known person .for when his father talked about him in vigorous speeches. jJohn Cabot father of Sebastian Cabot both had a passion for sailing and finding out all these new lands.

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Q: What was the explorer Sebastian Cabot famous for?
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I want to know why Sebastian Cabot is still remembered today.?

because he was a very famous and well known explorer

When did Sebastian cabot explorer die?

Sebastian Cabot was born in Bristol, England in 1474. He was the son of John Cabot and lived until 1557.

Were was Sebastian Cabot the explorer born?

He was born in Venice.

Who is sebastion Cabot?

Sebastian Cabot is an explorer. If you heard of Uruguay he also dicovered tht!!

Did explorer Sebastian Cabot marry?

yes, Catalina Medranno

How did Sebastian Cabot become an explorer?

Type your answer here... were your mother is at

Where did explorer Sebastian Cabot go to school?

I dont now

What is John Cabots sons names?

John Cabot was an explorer who was from Italy. He had three sons whose names were Sebastian Cabot, Sancius Cabot, and Ludovico Cabot.

What country did Sebastian Cabot the explorer sail for?

Italy, Spain and England

What are facts about the explorer Sebastian Cabot's Early Life?

his father was a famous explorer called John Cabot, his mother was named Mattea Cabot and died of a unknown reason at the age of 35. he was married twice, the second time after his first wife, Juana, died. he had a daughter with the name of elizabeth, with his first wife.

What are people in history who's names start with a c?

Julius Caesar (Roman Emperor) Christopher Columbus (explorer) John Cabot (explorer) Sebastian Cabot Calvin Coolidge (U.S. President)

Which Italian explorer explored the coast of south America in the 15th century?

not Sebastian Cabot columbus did your welcome!