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girija vyas

now Dr. Ayushi Vashshth

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That sounds like a title best suited for mortals of ambiguous stature. Perhaps the name u are lookin for is Man, The Presidents Of All Women.

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Q: Who is chairman of national commission for women?
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Chairman of national knowledge commission India?

Mr. Sam Pitroda is the Chairman of National Knowledge Commission of India.

Who is the National Knowledge Commission chairman?

Sam Pitorda is chairman fo national knowldge commission and vice chairman is Dr P.M Bhargava.

Who is the chairman of national police commission in the Philippines?

Now,the newly appointed chairman of the national police commission is Manuel Roxas!

Name the present chairman of national population commission?

Indian National Population Commission's ex officio Chairman is Prime Minister of India.

What is the name of Independent national electoral commission chairman of Nigeria?

What is the name of chairman of the present electoral commission in nigeria

Who was the first women commission chairman?


Who is the chairman of national commission for child rights?


Name of chairman gujrati women right commission?

The name of the chairman of the Gujarat Women's Rights Commission is Ms. Leela Ankoliya.

When was National Commission for Women created?

National Commission for Women was created in 1992.

When was Women's National Commission created?

Women's National Commission was created in 1969.

Chairman of national commission for farmers?

Dr. MS Swaminathan

The chairman of India's national knowledge commission?

Sam Pitroda