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Dmitry Medvedev

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Q: Who is the head of government in Russia?
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How is the head of the government in Russia determined?

In today's Russia, elections are held to determine the most popular political party, whose leader then becomes the head of government.

What is Russia's head of the country?

The President of the Russian Federation. The Prime Minister is the head of Government.

Who is the head of Russia's government?

At the time of the answer it's the Prime MinisterVladimir Putin.

What is the head of government called in Russia?

He is Dmitry Medvedev.

Is there a Parliament in Russia?

Yes, Russia has a parliament and political system similar to other countries in Europe, with a Prime Minister as Head of Government and a President as Head of State.

Who is the 2008 head of the city government im Russia?

You need to state which city

What are the differences between Germany's Russia's and the UK's government?

Germany, Russia, and the UK have different forms of government. Germany is a federal parliamentary republic with a chancellor as the head of government. Russia is a federal semi-presidential republic with a president as the head of state and a prime minister as the head of government. The UK is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system, where the king or queen is the head of state and a prime minister is the head of government. Each country also has different political systems, electoral processes, and levels of decentralization of power.

Who runs the Russian government?

The Prime Minister is the head of the Russian government and the President is the head of the Russian state.

Who did Lenin remove from control of Russia's government when he came to power?

Lenin ousted Alexander Kerensky, head of Russia's Provisional Government, which had replaced Tsar Nicholas II. Lenin did not overthrow the Tsar.

Is russia limited or unlimited government?

Russia is a communist government

Who was the leader of Russia in 2009?

Russia has two seats of power that work in tandem, a president and a prime minister. The current prime minister is Vladimir Putin, and head of the government. The current president is Dmitry Medvedev, who is head of state.

What was the name of the ruler of Russia before the bolshevik's took over?

Alexander Kerensky was the head of the Provisional Government when the Bolsheviks took over. Before him Prince Georgi Lvov headed the Provisional Government. Just prior to the Provisional Government, Tsar Nicholas II was the ruler of Russia.