Who is the king of the earth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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During April 2001, a long time ago, a simple man called Darren John Dwyer rightfully, legally, and legitimately claimed, on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, in front of the government cameras... "I hereby declare the creation of the Global Government Of Planet Earth For The Betterment Of All Humanity", a replacement for the United Nations. Additionally, Darren John Dwyer rightfully, legally and legitimately claimed all territories previously known as International Waters, and renamed them The Kingdom Of Oceanica and declared himself King Of Oceanica. Nowadays, Darren John Dwyer is genuinely the sole King Of Kings Of Planet Earth, and In Reality he now governs the entire planet Earth, from the comfort of his home, and the leaders of the people "Behind the Scenes" in Governments and other organizations know quite literally that Darren John Dwyer speaks the truth, and that Darren John Dwyer, is (at the moment) unofficially recognized as the King Of Planet Earth. In order to stop this from happening, Darren John Dwyer was deliberately drugged with toxic substances, locked up in psychiatric prisons, by the existing Governments of George W. Bush and previously Prime Minister John Howard of Australia, and lo and behold, a global conspiracy of geopolitical silence arose, which to this day has not been broken. Nowadays, in 2008, the new Prime Minister of Australia, Mr. Kevin Rudd, along with George W. Bush, et. al., seek to continue the discreet drugging and incarceration of Mr. Darren John Dwyer, for no apparent reason except a belief that global Democracy is the way of the future, rather than a global Kingdom. To read more :-

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Q: Who is the king of the earth?
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