Who killed estevanico?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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human did

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Q: Who killed estevanico?
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Where did estevanico die?

Estevanico died on 1539. This is how he died. Estevanico's chief took away all his possessions and put in a house on the edge of the town without food or water. The next morning he was attacked by a band of warriors and killed.

Who is friar Marcos?

An explorer, he was a friar (priest's) who looked for the seven cities of cibola. he sent estevanico and heard that they were large, but when he arrived there was no city of cibola and the native American tribe Zuni had killed estevanico

Where did estevanico come from?

where did estevanico come from

Who sponsored Estevanico?

Spain sponsored Estevanico

When did estevanico dorantes die?

estevanico died in 1539

Who where estevanico's family members?

who was estevanico parents and did estevanico have a wife or siblings.

What was the original purpose of estevanico's journey?

Estevanico's original purpose of his journey was to search for gold

Who is Estevanico?

Estevanico Went off to find gold and riches with fray Marcus but somebody killed him:( but fray Marcus found gold:)

What accomplishments made estevanico famous?

estevanico was the first black to go to the areas of new mexico and arizona.

Where is estevanico from?

North Africa

Who was an African slave who participated in the Spanish exploration of North America A. Coronado B. Estevanico C. Ponce de LeΓ³n D. Cabeza de Vaca?

Estevanico was a Moroccan slave.

When did Estevanico sail?

Estevanico sailed for the New World in 1527. Please access the related link below for more info: