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Well classicly Richard III (the two boys uncle) was famed or framed for the muder of the two boy princes. However the Richard III society are staunchly against this and to some extent science is no coming into play as a X-Ray of Richard III's famous portrait of him fiddling with his ring shows that the hump that he supposedly had was added at a later date in the Tudor period and as we all know Richard III was portrayed as the evil uncle in Shakespeares play. A possible indication that the Tudors were covering up there guilty conscience. The other main candidates as 'murderer' was Henry Tudor, later Henry VII.

No one really will know who did it. What we do know of the boy Princes is that were declared bastards due to their fathers (Edward IV) contracted marriage to Lady Elizabeth Butler. Therefore making Edward's marriage to Elizabeth Woodville illgetimate. Also it is important to add the Henry Tudor wasnt in the country as he was in exile in Brittany. Therefore making it highly unlikely that any Lancastrians would have had access to the Tower of London, in the great fortress that it was. Plus Henry Tudor was really the only prominent Lancastrian left alive due to many of the House being killed in battles against Edward IV.

Another possible candidate for the death of the boy Princes was the Duke of Buckingham, Henry Stafford who was a member of the Royal family and had a claim to the throne himself. Some say he was planning a bid for the throne even in the reign of Edward IV. Henry Stafford played an important role in the rise and fall of Richard III. Interestingly Henrys own father and grandfather died fighting for the Lancastrian cause and then Henry Stafford in 1483 raised an army against Richard intervention to the death of the boy princes. Henry Stafford even proposed Henry Tudor to comeback and join forces, for Henrys accession to the throne. Fortunately for Henry his ships ran into a storm so stopped his venture into England. By this stage Stafford was defeated and executed.

You could go on for hours and hours on this subject, however like most historical subjects of this nature we will never know really. However from studying this I do believe Richard was responsible for their deaths. You really dont want your nephews who you just declared 'bastards' still left alive for the fear of creating figure heads for your own enemies and also creating divisons within there own House.

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There uncle

Because he want to take the throne so he imprisoned them

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Q: Who killed the princes in the towers?
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