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General Edward Braddock

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Q: Who led the expedition against Duquesne in 1755?
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Who led the expedition against Duquesne?

Gen. Braddock i think

General Braddock and George Washington led an attack against the French at what fort?

Fort Duquesne

Who was the leader of Mycenaean?

Agamemnon led the Mycenaeans. By agreement of the other war lords, he also led the expedition against Troy.

Who is the general who led the troops in 1755?

General Edward Braddock

Who led the Americans forces against the spanish and seminoles in Florida?

Andrew Jackson led an attack against the Spanish and the Seminoles in 1816. He also destroyed the Negro Fort on this expedition.

During the French and Indian War did the situation for the British and Americans begin to improve?

Whwn taxes \\William Pitt and After the battle led by General Edwards Braddock Against Fort Duquesne.

Who led 150 virginiammilita troops to fight the french at fort duquesne?

George Washington

The Englishman who led the expedition to Roanoke was .?

The Englishman who led the expedition to Roanoke was Sir Walter Raleigh.

When did trajan lead an expedition?

Trajan led his expedition in 115 .AD

What young Virginian led troops from Ft Duquesne after Gen. Edward Braddock was killed?

I believe it was George Washington.

Hostilities between French troops and Virginians led by Colonel George Washington began in 1754 at?

Fort Duquesne. =)

Who led the first europeans expedition to reach the pacific ocean?

It was actually Balboa Caboto Magellan or Vespucci who led the first European expedition.