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Zebulon pike

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Q: Who led the expedition to find the headwaters of the Arkansas River?
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When did explorers find the Arkansas River?

Members of the Spanish Coronado Expedition first saw the Arkansas River on June 29, 1541

What explorer set out to find the sources of the Arkensas and Red rivers?

The explorer who set out to find the sources of the Arkansas and Red rivers was Zebulon Pike. In 1806, Pike led an expedition commissioned by the United States government to explore the western border of the Louisiana Purchase. He successfully reached the headwaters of the Arkansas River but failed to find the true source of the Red River.

Who mapped much of the upper Mississippi River in 1805 and headed west to find the headwaters of the Arkansas River in 1806?

the answer is out of Jacques cartier or jolliet or Radisson or Etienne Brule

Where would you find the headwaters of the Ohio River?


Why did zebulon pike go west?

to find the headwaters of the red river.

How was pikes expedition different from Lewis and clark?

Pike's expedition focused on exploring the southwestern portion of the Louisiana Purchase, while Lewis and Clark explored the northwestern portion. Pike's expedition aimed to establish U.S. presence in the region, find the headwaters of the Arkansas River, and gather information about Spanish activities in the area. Lewis and Clark's expedition focused on finding a water route to the Pacific Ocean, establishing diplomatic relations with Native American tribes, and documenting the flora and fauna of the region.

Who Explored along the Arkansas river and got captured by the spanish?

The Arkansas River was explored by Zebulon Pike beginning on July 15, 1806. His job was to find the headwaters of the river and to become friendly with the Native Americans. He was also told by General Wilkinson to take stock of the natural resources in the area.

Who explored the sources of Mississippi River and wrote about lifestyle American Indians?

In 1805 general James Wilkinson ordered Zebulon Pike to find the source of the Mississippi river. He then ordered he to a second expedition to explore and map the Red River, evaluate natural resources, and establish friendly relations with Native Americans. In 1810 Pikes journals were published as "The expeditions of Zebulon Montgomery Pike to Headwaters of the Mississippi River".

How did coronado find the Colorado river?

During his expedition he found the Colorado River.

If you wanted to walk across the Mississippi River at the headwaters in what state would you find the water only ankle deep?


How was Pike's expedition different from the Lewis and Clark expedition?

because he wanted to find the Red River after Lewis and Clarks expedition

How was pike's expedition similar to Lewis and clark's expedition?

Pikes adventure was of the south west of the Louisiana territory. The goal of Pikes expedition was to find the source of the Red River