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The Roma Street railway station in Brisbane is a historic location in the city. It was open in 1876 by John Petrie.

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Q: Who opened Roma Street Station in Brisbane?
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Are there luggage lockers at Roma Street railway station Brisbane?

Yes, there are lockers to hire

Are there luggage lockers at central station Brisbane?

yes there is some and at roma street too :)

Where is the drop off at roma st station Brisbane?

where is the drop off at roma st station brisbane

Are there luggage lockers at South Brisbane railway station Brisbane?

Huge! Enough for two good sized backpacks.

When was Roma Street railway station created?

Roma Street railway station was created in 1876.

Distance from 392 Upper Roma Street Brisbane to Brisbane Airport to?

From 392 Upper Roma Street in Brisbane's CBD to the Brisbane Airport (The Circuit) is a distance of 13.5 kilometres. Depending on traffic, it would take around eighteen minutes to travel.

Can you catch a bus from Roma Street Brisbane to Chermside Shopping center?

Yes. The Brisbane Transit Centre in Roma Street has buses ranging out to a variety of suburban destinations from the council bus exchange.

What is the distance between Roma and Brisbane in Queensland?

The distance between Roma, in Queensland's west, and Brisbane is 475 kilometres. This trip takes around six hours to travel.

How many Kilometres from Roma Qld to Brisbane PA Hospital?

From Roma in western Queensland to Brisbane's Princess Alexandra hospital is a distance of 471km. The trip takes around 6 hours.

When was Roma Trastevere railway station created?

Roma Trastevere railway station was created in 1911.

When was Roma Termini railway station created?

Roma Termini railway station was created in 1862.

When was Roma Tiburtina railway station created?

Roma Tiburtina railway station was created in 1866.