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  • Her Majesty is represented in Canada by the Governor General, and in each province by the Lieutenant Governor.
  • The Queen's representative in Australi is the Governor General. In 2010, this is Quentin Bryce. Each of the states has a Governor, and the Northern Territory has an Administrator.
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The Governor General

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Q: Who represents the British king or queen in Canada's parliament?
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Who opens and closes the British parliament?

the Queen

What building in England is off limits to the Queen?

House of Parliament. The Governor General represents the Queen but only opens the house

What is the mace in parliament house?

The UK parliament cannot legally meet if the mace is not present. It represents the authority of the sovereign.In Australia the mace similarly represents the authority of the Queen and of the chamber in which it is present.

The president and the vice president elcected directly by who?

by the queen of England and/or the british parliament

What does the governor in NZ do?

Represents the Queen, assents to bills passed in parliament, attends functions, openings etc

Who does the Governor-General represents?

The Governor-General represents the Queen in the countries of the Commonwealth, formerly called the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Does the queen choose the ministers who run the country and control the parliament?

The powers of the British monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II, are extremely interesting. To look at how she 'contols' parliament, you must consider what control actually is - if control is her ability to dissolve and call parliament, and appoint a Prime Minister, then yes, she does control parliament. However the Queen's power does not extend to the business of parliament; the executive (the majority party [or parties in a coalition government]) controls the agenda of parliament in accordance with the Speaker of the House of Commons. The Queen's ability to control parliament, therefore, is extremely limited.

Who ruled Ireland in 1709?

Ireland was ruled by Queen Anne, also Queen of Great Britain. There was an Irish parliament and Government in Dublin, but it was only open to members of the Anglican church, who were mostly English or Anglo-Irish and closely followed the wishes of the British Government. Any laws passed by the Parliament had to be approved by the British Parliament. There was a British Viceroy based in Dublin who administered the country. The British army controlled security etc.

Who ruled the seven royal colonies?

the British, parliament and the king and queen usual. By the way there were 8 colonies not 7

Why is the constitution act of 1982 so important in Canada's history?

Finally no more Britain, no Queen to answer to, and no British Parliament to deal with if we want to change our Constitution. Of course actually stating that in the Constitution was too controversial so most Canadians believe they have a Queen, that Parliament answers to her Representative and that we are British. Blimey what was the point again?

Where does the queen sit in the Parliament Canberra?


Who owns the british army?

Technically no one owns the army. Its alliegiance is to HM Queen Elizabeth II but it is parliament who has control in theory