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Q: Who said The arrow is on the very line and the white of the eye is wounded by it?
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Why is the tip of an arrow pointed?

=An arrow tip for shooting wooden targets with an archery arrow and retrieving said arrow and said arrow tip from said wooden target. The arrow tip having, a penetrating point forward of, a cylindrical shank forward or aft of, a circular cutting edge forward or aft of, a left-handed extraction thread forward of, a post extraction tip removal hole forward of, a circular curing edge as large or larger than an arrow shaft. The arrow tip is removed by rotating and pulling same.=

In To Kill a Mockingbird who said you guess he was tierd of white mens chances?

Calpurnia said this line in "To Kill a Mockingbird." She was expressing her frustration with the justice system and how black men were not given the same opportunities as white men.

What is the answer to the riddle what happens when cupid shoots an arrow?

When Cupid shoots an arrow, it is said to create love or romantic feelings between the two people that the arrow hits.

Who said it is unsinkable in tianic?

Shipbuilders Magazine said that the Olympic-Class vessels were "practically unsinkable" but they were deriving almost all their material verbatim from White Star Line publications.

Albert remembers his teacher stressing that the arrow in a chemical equation does not mean equals. Instead, he said the arrow meant?

reacting to form

What does straight as an arrow mean?

It means not very straight at rainbows are curved... Edit by SOMEONE - In litteral meaning, it means that the line or whatever is curved, or not straight at all. In slang meaning, which is what your probably asking, if you call someone as straight as a rainbow, it means they're homosexual.

Where did the battle of wounded knee occur?

It was said that it occured near Pine Ridge South Dakota.

What does the phrase took a arrow to the knee mean?

The phrase "took an arrow to the knee" is a reference to a line from the video game Skyrim where NPCs mention that they used to be adventurers until they "took an arrow to the knee," implying they suffered a career-ending injury. It is now often used humorously to indicate someone has given up on their adventurous pursuits or experienced a setback in life.

Who first said the Titanic wasn't sinkable?

It was most likely a marketing promotion used by White Star Line to promote the ship and sell tickets.

Who said for a wounded man shall say to his assalent if i live you will die if i die you are forgiven?

lamb of god

Can you shoot a steel arrow from a wood bow?


What type of arrow does the green arrow use in Smallville?

A green one? Maybe, but I had hoped that people would grasp the concept that I had said "type" as in the model. Not to be confused with "color"