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If you are referring to the Bolsheviks, they were not Marxist. The Bolsheviks set up a state capitalist system in Russia, ruled by those who controlled the state.

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Proletariat Proletariat

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Q: Who under Russian Marxism the group of workers who would rule the country?
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What was the Bolshevik Party?

The word Bolshevik means in Russian "majority", they formed as a group at the 1903 Russian Social Democratic Labour Party conference in London. They were the radical Marxists while the Mensheviks, "minority", were the moderates. The Bolsheviks were lead by Lenin and grew to a considerable size in 1917. In October, November by our calendar, of 1917 they overthrew the Menshevik government which came to power in the Febuary Revolution and was in the eyes of the majority of Russian workers not much better than the Tsar. After the Russian Civil War, the Bolsheviks (now the Communist Party) started to see the party become a bureacratic nightmare, Lenin tried to reverse this but he died with most of the leaders of the party ignoring his calls for radical reform.

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The Mongols, a group of barbarians from present day Mongolia.

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What revolutionary group took control of Russia's government in 1917?

The Bolsheviks or Russian Democratic Workers Party seized control of the Russian government in November 1917. Vladimir I. Lenin was the leader of this party.

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What ideas did Lenin add to Marxism to create Marxism-Leninism?

Lenin added the concept that the road to communism did not need to wait for the creation of a proletariat of exploited workers to rise up and seize the means of production. He believed that a properly coordinated centralized group of professional revolutionaries could do so politically and this is exactly what he and the Bolsheviks did in the October Revolution of 1917. The so-called Communist Revolution was not one that Marx had originally envisioned.

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