Who was James Bruce?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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James Bruce (1730-1794) was a Scottish explorerthat went into Africa (mainly Egypt). The reason why he went there was to find the source of the Blue Nilecompared to other rivers in Egypt. He wanted to claim discovery of it. He went with a small group of Scottish men. Before he left he had to learn to speak 11 different languages! In order to find where they were, they took maps and compasses with them. After his expedition, people learned that the Blue Nile wasn't as long as first thought. They found that the White Nile was much longer. He also introduced Ethiopia to the Western world. ---- Here is a time line of his expedition~ 1763~ James Bruce reached Algiers in March. 1765~ In August James Bruce explored Roman ruins in Barbary, in Eastern Algeria. He travelled by land from Tunis and then to Tripoli. He took a passage at Ptolemeta to get to Candia, but he was shipwrecked near Benghazi and needed to swim ashore. He soon travelled to Crete but then decided to travel through Syria. He visited Palmyraand Baalbek. James Bruce made drawings of ruins from which he found in Barbary and Levent. He also learnt about medicines so he could continue his exploration through the East. 1768~ In June, James Bruce arrived in Alexandria to discover the source of the Nile. He later arrived at Cairo and he visited Thebes. He explored the tomb of Ramesses the third and crossed the desert to Kossier to look at a dress worn by a Turkish sailer. 1769~ James Bruce reached Jiddahin May. He stayed in Arabia and went back to the Red Sea. He landed at Masswa on September 19. 1770~ He reached Gondar and Ethiopia on February 14. He was welcomed by Ethiopia's ruler and by some Ethiopian's. 1771~ James Bruce set out from Gondar in December to return back home. He had many difficulties from Sennar to Nubia but he still managed to make his way to the Blue and White Nile. 1772~ On November the 9th, he reached Aswan to recover his abandoned luggage and journals, before leaving to France and settling back home in Kinnaird, England. For other information follow the related link below.

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Q: Who was James Bruce?
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