Who was Robert Mills?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Robert Mills (1781 to 1855) was an American Architect who helped popularise the Greek revival style in the United States

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Q: Who was Robert Mills?
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When was Robert Mills born?

Robert Mills was born on April 15, 1927.

What is Robert Mills best work?

the Robert Mills House the Washington Monument

What is Robert Mills's birthday?

Robert Mills was born on April 15, 1927.

When did Robert P. Mills die?

Robert P. Mills died in 1986.

When was Robert P. Mills born?

Robert P. Mills was born in 1920.

When was Robert Mills - rower - born?

Robert Mills - rower - was born in 1957.

When was Robert Lee Mills born?

Robert Lee Mills was born in 1916.

When did Robert Lee Mills die?

Robert Lee Mills died in 2006.

When was Robert Mills House created?

Robert Mills House was created in 1823.

When did Robert Mills - architect - die?

Robert Mills - architect - died on 1855-03-03.

When did Robert Mills die?

Robert Mills died on October 27, 1999 at the age of 72.

When was Robert Mills - architect - born?

Robert Mills - architect - was born on 1781-08-12.