Who was Robert catesby?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the leader of the gunpowder plot

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Q: Who was Robert catesby?
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Is Mark Catesby related to Robert Catesby?

Robert Catesby of Henton, England. circa 16oo. Robert is Mark Catesby's great grandfather. Information gathered from History of General William Woodford (related to Catesby) by Mrs. Catesby Willis Stewrt, "The Life of General William Woodford of American Revolution,

When was Robert catesby born?


Where was Robert Catesby born?

Lapworth, Warwickshire

Who was the leader of the 1605 gunpowder plot?

Robert Catesby

Who was guy Fawkes's leader?

A man Known as 'Robert Catesby'.

What happened to Robert Catesby?

Catesby was discovered hiding out with a number of the other conspirators. The building he was in was surrounded by men of the Sheriff of Worcester, and one of them shot Catesby when he appeared at the door of the building. He managed to get back inside and died there. There is a link below.

Who was Robert catersby?

Robert Catesby is i think one of the people with guy Fawkes that tried to kill the king. :) i hope this helps

How was Robert Catesby involved in the gunpowder plot?

He was the leader and he started it all. naughty boy!

Who was the leader of the catholic group that Guy Fawkes was in?

Five men plotted to kill James I and his advisers by blowing up the Houses of Parliament at the official opening of Parliament. They were led by Robert Catesby. The other plotters were Thomas Percy, Thomas Wintour, John Wright - and Guy Fawkes.

Who betrayed guy Fawkes?

The main leader of the group that plotted to blow up the king, was Robert Catesby

Who was the leader of the gun powder plot?

Robert Catesby was the leader of the gun powder plot. Many people say that Guido Fawkes (Guy fawkes) was the leader but he was hired to light the fuse by Robert Catesby and his followers. If you want more information on the gunpowder plot of 1605, take a look at the link below:

What has the author John Catesby written?

John Catesby has written: 'The Status maneriorum of John Catesby 1385 and 1386'