Who was confucios?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Confucius was an ancient Chinese Philosopher(Kong Qiu) who was born on September 28, 551 BC in Qufu, China. He died in 479 BC also in Qufu, China. He was the founder of Confucianism.and he was a great for everything he did like improved the Chinese culture

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the supreme ruler of the Chinese empire who ruled for many many years

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A confucist is someone who believes in what Confucius ( a Chinese philosipher ) says.

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Q: Who was confucios?
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Han rulers based their policies on the teaching of?

they based on confucios' ideas.

What five basic human relationships did confucios teach?

1.father and son 2.elder brother and junior brother 3.husband and wife 4.friend and friend 5.ruler and subject

How was China's exporation in 1600 CE?

CHinas Exploration was not very good in 1600C.E. they stoped building ships because of there financial problems and made exploration illegal. There main guy for exploration before it became illegal was Zheng He who help change china even though they did not become a globally dominant power. China also led by a man confucios led them in many good and bad ways.

When did Confucianism develop?

Confucios brought harmony to China. That's what he was all about. And also he wanted people to respect the elderly............. -Geraldine 6th grade, CA Confucianism may have gotten its name from a man named Confucius, but he is not the founder. There is no founder of Confucianism. There are also no current leaders (such as the Catholic Pope). It is more like a moral code or way to live life than an organized religion (even though technically, it is a religion). By Anthony (Doublewolf)

What is Confucius?

Confucuis was a Chinese scholar during the Warring States Period in the Zhou Dynasty. He lived to teach and spread this belief, but not a religion. This why today many Chinese people beliveve in setting a good example for the younger ones to pass on the tradition of being a good person.

Who was Laoizi?

LAOZI.............(flourished 6th century BC, China) First philosopher of Chinese DAOISM He is traditionally named as the author of the DAODIJING though modern scholars hold that the work had more than one author. Legends about his life abound, but little or no certain information survives. The historical Laozi, if he existed, may have been a scholar and caretaker of sacred books at the royal court of the ZHOU dinysty.. According to legend, he was carried 72 years in his mother's womb, and he met Confucios as a young man. He is venerated as a philosopher by the Confucianists, as a saint or god by the common people of China, and as a divinity and the representative of the dao by Daoists.

Why was Confucianism formed?

Confucius died of old age

What time did Confucianism begin?

Originally Confucianism could have been described as an ethical and philosophical system developed from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius who lived around 551-479 BCE. Later developments took confucianism into metaphysical and cosmological areas of understanding.