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Louis VII

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Q: Who was king of France in 1163 till 1345?
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From 1883 to 1945 Vietnam was ruled by what country?

France till '40/'41; Japan till '45.

Who ran France in 1571 before Henry IV?

Charles IX was the King of France from 5 December 1560 to 30 May 1574 (until his death). He succeeded his brother Francis II after his death. He was succeeded by Henry III who was King from 30 May 1574 to 2 August 1589 when he died. He was then succeeded by Henry IV who was the King of France from 2 August 1589 to 14 May 1610 (till his death).

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Who was Louis XIV?

Louis the fourteenth was one of the kings of France, prior to the revolution (which happened in the reign of Louis the sixteenth). and also was called the sun kingLouis XIV, known as Louis the Great or the Sun King, was a monarch of the House of Bourbon who ruled as King of France and Navarre from 1643 until his death.

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Who was the king of England in 1170?

House of Plantagenet: King Richard I (The Loin Heart) Ruled 3 September 1189 to 6 April 1199 was married to Berengaria of Navarre from 12 May 1191 till his death King John (Lackland) ruled 27 May 1199 to 19 October 1216 was married to Isabella of Angoulême from 24 August 1200 till his death King Henry III (Henry of Winchester) Ruled 28 October 1216 to 16 November 1272 was married to Eleanor of Provence from 14 January 1236 till his death King Edward I (Longshanks) Ruled 20 November 1272 to 7 July 1307 was married to Eleanor of Castile from 18 October 1254 till her death on 28 November 1290, than married to Margaret of France from 10 September 1299 till his death King Edward II Ruled 7 July 1307 to 25 January 1327 was married to Isabella of France till his death 21 September 1327. King Edward III Ruled 25 January 1327 to 21 June 1377 was married to Philippa of Hainault till her death 15 August 1369 King Richard II ruled 21 June 1377 to 29 September 1399 was married to Anne of Bohemia till her death in 7 June 1394, than was married to Isabella of Valois till his death 14 February 1400 House of Lancaster: King Henry IV (Bolingbroke) Ruled 30 September 1399 to 20 March 1413 was married to Joan of Navarre from 7 February 1403 till his death King Henry V Ruled 20 March 1413 to 31 August 1422 was married to Catherine of Valois from 2 June 1420 till his death King Henry VI Ruled 31 August 1422 till March 1461 and again from 30 October 1470 till 11 April 1471 was married to Margaret of Anjou from 23 April 1445 till his death on 21 May 1471 House of York: King Edward IV Ruled 4 March 1461 till 2 October 1470 and again from 11 April 1471 till 9 April 1483 was married to Elizabeth Woodville from 1 May 1464 till his death King Edward V ruled 9 April 1483 till 25 June 1483 King Richard III Ruled 26 June 1483 to 22 August 1485 married Anne Neville from 12 July 1472 till her death in 16 March 1485 House of Tudor: King Henry VII Ruled 22 August 1485 to 21 April 1509 married to Elizabeth of York from 18 January 1486 till her death 11 February 1503