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Q: Who was the grandmother of Alexandra wife of czar nicholas II?
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Who was Czar's of Russia wife?

This depends on Which tsar you mean, if you are talking about the last tsar of Russia, Tsar Nicholas II then he married Alexandra Fedorovna on the 8 April 1894.

Who was the mystic advisor to czar nicholas and his wife?

Gregor Rasputin was the mystical adviser to Czar Nichola II and his wife Alexandria.

Who was Nicholas ii most influenced by?

His wife Alexandra.

What czar and his family were put in prison then executed when the Russian workers revolted?

Czar Nicholas II and his wife and children

How was Britain's 19-century Queen Victoria related to czar nicholas ii of Russia?

Queen Victoria's son, King Edward VII, married Alexandra, daughter of the King of Denmark. Alexandra's sister Maria married Tsar Alexander III and Nicholas was their child.Also, Queen Victoria's grandaughter Alix married Nicholas.

What happened to Czar Nicholas?

He abdicated his crown and was later executed along with his wife and children.

How was czar Nicholas ii related george v?

Tsar Nicholas II's mother (Maria Feodorovna) was the sister of Edward VII's wife (Alexandra of Denmark), so Edward VII was his uncle by marriage, and George V (Edward's son) was his first cousin.This also meant that in World War I, opponents Wilhelm II (Germany) and Nicholas II (Russia) were both first cousins of George V (Great Britain).

Why were Alexandra and rasputin able to control the czar's governmente?

because Alexandra was the czars wife & with the czar at battlefront, she made all the important decisions, but she always consulted rasputin before & he did not hesitate to interfere in government affairs.

How did Czar Nicholas II die?

Czar Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia, was executed by a firing squad in the early morning hours of July 17, 1918. Also executed with Czar Nicholas II were his wife, son (and heir to the throne) four daughters, his personal physician, and four servants.

Why was Nicholas 2 not consider to be a good czar?

Czar Nicholas the Second was not prepared to rule a country, he agreed even his teachers agreed. Czar Nicholas came to power during what was the darkest time in Russia History. He and his wife Alix had only one true dream to raise a close knit family. Nicholas and his wife also believed that Nicholas was on the throne because of God's will, therefore we're unwilling to share power with the Duma. Rasputin was also a reason Nicholas was not considered a good czar because it was believed that Rasputin had too much power over the Romanov family.

How was king george v related to tsar nicholas 11?

They were cousins by birth and marriage. Alexandra's mother Alice was the sister of George's father Albert Edward. Alexandra married Tsar Nicholas II whose mother was the sister of Georges mother.

Was czar Nicholas II and his family executed?

Yes, they were. On the night/morning of July 16/17 the Tsar, his wife Alexandra, their four daughters and one son (together with several servants) were murdered in the basement of the Ipatiev house in Ekaterinburg.