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The Russian tsar in 1917 was Nicholas II. His wife, Alexandra Feodorovna, or Alix of Heese, was tsarina of Russia.

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Q: Who was the tsarina wife of the tsar in 1917?
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Is tsarina A male or female?

The term "tsarina" refers to a female emperor or the wife of a tsar (emperor) in Russia. Therefore, a tsarina is a female.

What is the masculine of tsarina?

The masculine form of tsarina is tsar.

Who dominated the Russian Tsar Nicholas II until 1916?

The Tsarina influenced the Tsar and Rasputin influenced the Tsarina, so Rasputin

Is the ruler of Russia was called the Czar and his wife the czarina what were his children called?

'Tsar' (Caesar), 'TsarItsa' ('Tsarina'), 'Tsesarevich' (for young).

Who did Tsar Nicholas II wife rule with during his absence?

While Tsar Nicholas II was absent from St. Petersburg on visits to the front during WW1, his wife, Tsarina Alexandra, ruled the country heavily influenced by Grigory Rasputin.

What is the title for a Russian emperors wife?

Tsarina is the name of a Russian rulers wife.

What Royalty titles beginning with letter T?

Tsar and its feminine version tsarina.

Why were the Tsar and Tsarina considered an imperial family?

Tsar is the Russian term for the equivalent of an emperor. They are considered emperors/an imperial family because that is what they are.

What happened to the children of tsar and tsarina?

Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra, Tsarevich Alexis, Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia where were brutally slaughtered on July 17, 1918 at Ipatiev House in Enaitenburg, Russia.

What was the title of the emperor or empress of Russia?

Tsar (man) and Tsarina (woman) of all the Russias

What is a girl tsar called?

A female ruler would be known as a Tsaritsa/Czaritsa, but in English the title is more commonly translated as Tsarina/Czarina. In Russia at least this title would be given to either a female ruler in her own right, or the wife of a Tsar. If the question is about a tsar's daughter, you would call her 'tsarevna'.

Who helped tsar Nicholas Romanov II rule?

Rasputin was believed to be influencing the Tsarina at all times.