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I assume that you are asking about the roman catholic church. People are excommunicated daily. Abortion for example is an automatic cause of excummunication, though it can be absolved by most priests. See

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Q: Who was the last person to get excommunicated?
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Will a person who sold their soul to the devil be excommunicated from church?

As far as the Catholic Church goes, a person would likely be excommunicated. In reality, a person cannot sell their soul.

When the pope declares a person to be outside the church that person is said to be what?


If a person got excommunicated can they be re-baptized and return to the Church?

No, a person can only be baptized once. Excommunication does not wipe out the baptism. The person would have to repent to the bishop who excommunicated him/her and that bishop would have to lift the excommunication before the person could return to the Church.

What does it mean to be cut off from the Christian church?

The word is 'excommunicated'. If a person says or does things publicly that are against the teachings of the church they can be excommunicated. It means being cut off from membership with the church. In practical terms these days, this only amounts to a cutting off from the church where one was a member. Many churches do not practice this anyway, but when it is done it often simply results in the person going to another church which doesn't discipline its members. This of course defeats the purpose, which is to lead the person to repentance.

Who excommunicated Galileo?

The Pope excommunicated Galileo.

Was Kepler excommunicated from the Catholic church?

No, he was excommunicated from the Lutheran Church.

What made people afraid of excommunication?

When a person was excommunicated, he or she was no longer in the good graces of the Church, and certain sacraments were not available, including the mass. The person often could not be buried in sacred ground. These were important points at a time when the most important thing in the lives of many people was the salvation of their souls. But even if a person did not believe, excommunication could be a serious problem. When a person was excommunicated, others who had sworn oaths to that person could be excused from those oaths, or even excommunicated themselves for trying to support the excommunicated person. In the case of a king, this meant that members of the nobility were no longer required to support them, people who might profit from the king being deposed had an excuse to try to see that it happened, enemies were excused from treaties, and friends were not obliged to provide promised support.

Why was excommunication an effectiveform of punishment for people who disobeyed church laws?

An excommunicated person was denied contact with most of society.

If a catholics dies being excommunicated can he go to heaven?

Supposedly not (to Catholics) . An excommunicated person can always be forgiven in the sacrament of Reconciliation. Short of that, if truly sorry for the offenses committed, the final judge is God. We live in the hope that all are saved.

Where did the pope excommunicated King John in 1208?

King John was excommunicated in England

Why was excommunication an effective form of punishment for people who disobeyed church laws?

an excommunicated person was denied contact with most of society

What is excommunication?

To be excommunicated means to be excluded from the community of believers. It is a severe penalty intended to express the severity of a particular act and to encourage the person excommunicated to examine their actions and seek reconciliation with the church. It is a tool used by the church to correct members for egregious acts which violate the teaching of the church on matters of faith and morals. Some excommunications are incurred automatically. Others are conferred. Each is a penalty to encourage reflection and reconciliation. A person thus excommunicated cannot receive the sacraments of the church until the matter is resolved.