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Neil Devlin walked it on October the 18th 2021.

74 years 10 months.

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Neil Devlin

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Not 100% sure but my brother-in-law is 72 years old and he reached the summit on 4th July 2012

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Q: Who was the oldest person to climb Ben Nevis?
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When did the first person climb Be Nevis?

The first person to climb Ben Nevis was the botanist James Robertson in 1771.

Who was the first to climb ben nevis and when?

The first person to climb Ben Nevis was a man called James Robertson on the 17th of August in 1771.

Who first climbed Ben Nevis?

James Robertson, who was a botanist, was the first person to climb Ben Nevis in 1771. He climbed the mountain to collect plants.

Can you drive over ben nevis?

No, but you can climb over it.

What can you do on the Ben Nevis mountain?

Climb it and eat your sandwiches.

How do you get to Nevis Scotland?

If you mean Ben Nevis, the mountain, the only way up is to climb.

How many times would you have to climb to Ben nevis to have climbed the height of mount Everest?

You would have to climb Ben Nevis six and a half times to equal the height of Everest.

Why did James Robertson want to climb Ben Nevis?

I'm not sure (-:

What Jobs Are there to do on Ben Nevis?

As Ben Nevis is a mountain the obvious sugestion of what you could do on it is to climb up it. Then you could climb back down it again.

When was the first climb up Ben nevis?

17 August 1771, by James Robertson

What are the biggest mountain peeks?

ben nevis ben nevis ben nevis

How many meters must you climb each hour to climb Ben Nevis in 3 hours?

448 metres per hour climbing.