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Jean-Antoine Lavoisier and Émilie Punctis

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Q: Who were Antoine Lavoisier's parents?
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What was Antoine lavoisiers great expieriment?

it is named after hera the god of heaven

Who were Antoine laurent lavoisier's siblings?

Antoine was born in Paris on 26th August, 1743, to a well-to-do family. His father Jean Antoine Lavoisier was a prominent advo- cate, and his mother, Emilie Punctis was the daughter of an advocate of the parliament. Antoine had a sister, Marie, born two years after him.

How was Antoine lavoisier influenced?

Antoine Lavoisier was influenced by previous chemists such as Joseph Black and Henry Cavendish. He was also influenced by the scientific advances of his time, such as the development of the scientific method and the idea of conservation of mass. Lavoisier's work laid the foundation for modern chemistry through his precise measurements and experiments.

What do we know about the parents of Antoine Lavoisier?

Antoine Lavoisier was a famous French chemist who was instrumental in the 18th century Chemical Revolution. His parents were Emile Punctis and Jean Antoine Lavoisier. HIs father was an attorney, and his mother died when Antoine was five. He inherited a large fortune after her passing.

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