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  • King Louis XVI (France)
  • King George III (Great Britain)
  • Emperor Joseph II (Holy Roman Empire)
  • Frederick II of Prussia, King of Prussia
  • Frederick William II of Prussia, King of Prussia
  • Pope Pius VI
  • Empress Catherine II (Russia)
  • King Charles III (Spain)
  • King Charles IV (Spain)
  • Shah Alam II (Mughal Empire)
  • Madhav Rao II (Peshwa of the Marathas)
  • Sultans of Mysore
  1. Hyder Ali, 1749-1782
  2. Tipu Sultan 1782-1799
  • Shahs of Persia (Zand dynasty)
  1. Sadiq Khan, 1779-1782
  2. Ali Murad Khan, 1782-1785
  3. Jafar Khan, 1785-1789
  4. Lotf Ali Khan, 1789-1794

Marie Antoinette, Queen of France and Archduchess of Austria

James Cook, English navigator, explorer and cartographer

George Washington, American general and first President of the United States

Benjamin Franklin ,was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

Napoelon Boneaparte,was a military and political leader of France .

James Wolfe, was a British Army officer

Jane Austen, English writer... along with others.

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Q: Who were some important people in 1780?
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