Who were the Greeks chief rivals?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mostly each other. I'm serious, Greeks loved killing other Greeks. Most of their notable wars were against one another, with Athens and Sparta being well-known enemies.

Back in the earliest days, the Greeks primary enemy were the Minoans, based on Crete. But they shared language and religion, which alludes to them being closely related.

Later, they fought against the Trojan, a group that were essentially a Greek off-shoot, again with the same religion and language.

Later still, they faced the Persians, which were a REAL enemy from outside their realm of influence and nearly wiped them off the map. After the fall of the Persians, the Greeks rose to power under the Macedonians, and after that fell to the Romans and later to the Ottoman Turks.

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Either the Romans or Macedon

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Q: Who were the Greeks chief rivals?
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