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Q: Who were the People who traveled to new and distant lands?
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A person who traveled to new lands to win converts?


Why might sailing to new lands advance Christianity?

Sailing to new lands might advance Christianity because those sailing can easily carry the good news to the people in the new lands. People who take the gospel message to new lands are normally referred to as missionaries.

How would people have traveled to New Zealand in 1874?

By ship.

What are people called who move to new lands?


Why did some people traveled to Oregon?

To seek out new land and/or jobs.

What is the five ways that Buddhist spread?

Well, some of the ways are as follows: 1) The Buddha traveled throughout Northern India teachings as he went. People listened, like what they heard and started to be followers 2) Monks went out during the morning and begged for food. In return for food the monks would give a teaching. 3) Buddhist lay people who were merchants traveled to new lands and brought the teachings to new areas. 4) The Buddhas teachings were written down, which gave a way for curious people to read about the Buddha and his teachings.

When was New Lands created?

New Lands was created in 1925.

Who traveled from Wilmington to Yorktown and who traveled from New York?

it was clark

How did new things such as railroads and steamboats impact the way people traveled?

People could go farther away from home

Why did Lief Ericson decide to go to this new land?

He was searching for new lands to colonize.

Did Hernando Cortes find what they were sent out to discover?

No, Cortes and his men were searching for the Foutain of Youth. Obviously, this was never found, though they did make a lot of gold by obtaining new goods and spices from the lands they traveled.

Why did many migrate?

The Greeks, on the whole, were not migratory people. If you are asking why they spread out, that answer is simple: New lands means new opportunities.