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Li Si and Zhao Gao. They are the most famous ones but they didn't really help.

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Q: Who were the important people to help Qin Shi Huang keep the country under control?
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What made the Huang he river so important to the Chinese civilization?

Like all large rivers in any country the Huang gives food, jobs, and a means of transport to the people.

Why is the Huang River so important?

The Huang River is important because in 400BC people lived next to the Huang river to grow good crops.

What have people built to control flooding along the Huang River?


Who controls the Huang He river?

Levees control the Huang River

Why was it important for ancient farmers to control the Huang River What made it hard for them to achieve their goal?

because of its silt

What did the ancient Chinese people use levees for?

They were to control the flooding of the Yellow river, or the Huang He

Why was it so important for farmers to control the Huang river?

They had no irrigation and needed a near-by water source to water their crops.

Why was the Huang He River so important?

it helped with farming, food,the way people smelt,they way they sleep. all kinds o things depedning on the geograpgy.

What country is the Huang He River in?

The river Huang He is in China. In Italian we call it " Il fiume giallo", which means the yelllowe river. :D

What has the author Biao Huang written?

Biao Huang has written: 'Dynamic modeling, predictive control and performance monitoring' -- subject(s): Automatic control

What country is the Huang he river on?


What were achievements of shi Huang di?

He took complete control of the land and the people . He set up a uniform system of law