Who were the pilgrims sent by?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They weren't "sent" by anyone. The pilgrims left for America in order to achieve religious freedom. (I am assuming that you are referring to the pilgrims that settled the Plymouth Colony)

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Q: Who were the pilgrims sent by?
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Did the pilgrims believe that god sent Squanto?

Yes they did. He taught pilgrims how to plant corn, fish, and get syrup from maple trees. Pilgrims believe that god sent Squanto. His entire tribe was wiped out by a disease called "Malaria"

What does not describe Squanto?

pilgrims believed that God sent him. don't you know that already!?

Who stayed with the pilgrims and became their interpreter?

Squanto was the Patuxet Indian who stayed with the Pilgrims through there first winter. He learned English under Sir Ferdinando Gorges after being captured by Captain George Weymouth and sent to England.

Why was Massasoit a friend of the pilgrims?

Edward Winslow was sent to him with some knives and a copper jewel chain as gifts--and Massasoit was told that the Pilgrims only desired peace and trading.

Who were the Pilgrims in Thanksgiving?


Who was the Governor of the Pilgrims during the 1st Thanksgiving?

the governor of the pilgrims the governor of the pilgrims

What continent did the pilgrims leave?

what continent did the Pilgrims leave from?what continent did the Pilgrims leave from?

What are the pilgrims for?

We don't have pilgrims these days.

What did the Mayflower have to do with pilgrims?

The Mayflower was used to get the pilgrims to America. If you heard of Christopher Columbus then you heard of pilgrims and if you heard of pilgrims you heard of the Mayflower.

Did pilgrims or puritans make friends with Wampanoag Indians Squanto and Samoset?


What factors facilitated the extension of slavery from the English Caribbean to Carolina?

Pilgrims did it Pilgrims did it Pilgrims did it

What pilgrims came to America?

Pilgrims from England.