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Q: Who will take the petition on your behalf to parliament?
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Could you write a petition to the Canadian Immigration for citizenship on behalf of your father who died and was a citizen of that country?

Petitions should not come from dead people, or be written on behalf of dead people. Only the living can petition. Write a petition on behalf of yourself.

Who presents a petition to a senator or a member of parliament?


Why did Parliament force the monarch to sing the petition of right?

Parliament presented Charles I with the Petition of Rights because they objected to his actions.

What petition did the Second Continental Congress sent King George the 3rd?

The purpose of the petition sent to King George III by the First Continental Congress was to declare their right to approve laws passed by Parliament on behalf of the colonies.

What is a written request to parliament?

A Petition.

Which document did Parliament require King Charles you to sign that required him to seek approval from Parliament?

Petition of Rights

What has the author Archibald McBean written?

Archibald McBean has written: 'A petition and prayer in behalf of the lower animals' -- subject(s): Animal welfare, Prayers 'A petition and prayer in behalf of the lower animals'

A petition on behalf of the forest dwellers to the NHRC a response from the govt and a report of the NHRC on this matter?

A petition can be submitted to the NHRC on behalf of forest dwellers regarding any human rights violations they are facing. The NHRC will investigate and issue recommendations to the government based on the petition. The government is expected to respond to the NHRC's report and take appropriate actions to address the issues raised on behalf of the forest dwellers.

What is the name of a formal written request to parliament?

A formal written request to parliament is known as a petition. It is a document signed by individuals or groups seeking action or redress on a particular issue.

Which stuart king rejected to sign the parliament document called petition of rights?

Charles I is the king that refused to sign the Petition of Rights. When he asked Parliament to raise the taxes, they refused because he wouldn't sign the petition.

Did the petition of right demanded that parliament determine the king?

No it did not.

Parliament first limited the power of the Crown under the?

Parliament first limited the power of the Crown under the Petition of Right, 1628.