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Q: Who wrote bad things about King John?
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What did monks write about King John?

The monks wrote bad things about John,some even false because King John didnt like the pope and the pope didnt like him.

Who was John Barnwell?

John Barnwell was a Monk. He wrote a book about King John and was very fair about hime as he wrote good and bad points and he used original ideas.

Who wrote about King John of England's life and what did they say about him?

They said that he was a very bad king, to all of his people of England.

What kind of things did King John do?

baron thought he was such a bad king that he had to sign the magna carta

Was king john bad or good king?

There's no consensus on whether King John was a good king. Many consider him to have been a bad ruler, but others think he was effective. Regardless of the presence of dissenting opinions, he tends to be portrayed negatively in the media.

Who wrote the lyrics to 'Bad Things' from True Blood?

Jace Everett wrote the lyrics for Bad Things.

What was the good and bad things of King James first?

what are the bad things king james the 1st did

Bad things King John did?

He actually killed the nephew because the nephew had joined forces with the french to overthrow him

What bad things did King John do in the cartoon?

He stole from the pour and gave to the rich and made the pour have high taxes.

Was King John such a bad king after all?


What bad things did John Muir do?

He did not do any bad things

What did John ball do?

John Ball is a famous priest wanted the people to be free and no unfair laws.he was sent to prison by the king for telling the peasants about the bad things the king was doing. this made the peasants revolt.