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The monks wrote bad things about John,some even false because King John didnt like the pope and the pope didnt like him.

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Q: What did monks write about King John?
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Who were the two monks that hated King John?

thomas beckett and hernry sarroc

What did king John say about the monks?

Gervase, a monk from Canterbury in Kent wrote "After arguing with the Pope, John ordered the few monks who remained at Canterbury, including the blind and crippled, out of the country. He said that all monks were public enemies."

King John entrails were taken and buried by monks from which Abbey?

Croxton Abbey, Leicestershire.

Why did the monks hate King John?

He quarrelled with the pope . This dude also killed a priest and King John just said 'release him, he has killed an enemy of mine. Untie him and let him go.' After he had quarrelled with the pope he ordered all the monks at Canterbury , including the blind and crippled, out of the country! HE said that all monks were PUBLIC ENEMIES.

When was John Clark Monks born?

John Clark Monks was born in 1760.

When did John Clark Monks die?

John Clark Monks died in 1827.

Why do the monks from the monastery hate king john?

King john had a Quarrel with the pope eventually John decided to shut down all churches no weddings or praying. Monks also hated Kings too. Monks sometimes do make lies to be honest. It's absolutely true.

What did King John do to the monks?

Cause in 1206 he quarelled with people and got the churches shut down :p stupid muppet

Why was King John so bad?

well king john was not a bad king but he wasn't the best either. for centuries king john was regarded as a bad king.Stories say that he taxed people enourmously and broke all the rules of the magna carta so people assumed the worst of him and thought he was a bad king and a tyrant. though historians from today have proved that the stories were written by monks and john fell out with the monks.there is a big diffirence between a good king and a good personCorrect Answer.King John taxed people enormously and broke all the rules to the Magna Carta so people assumed the worse of him and thought he was a bad king and a tyrant. The monks fell out with him and they had to write things for people around the city/village/world. Also, he monks wrote bad things about him even if they weren't true. So you definitely didn't want to fall out with the monks in those times. King John was also suspected of murdering King Richard's son, his nephew, so that he could become King; he sent King Richard on long crusades with the same intention. This is only a rumour though and has not been proved true but that is what medieval people thought.

What did Monks write with?

The early monks of the midevil ages wrote with a quilland ink.

What has the author John Monks written?

John Monks has written: 'Income inequality and the UK economy' 'The library of John Monks, Jr' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Catalogs, Booksellers' 'Brother Rat' 'Evidence'

Did john Adams write the Treaty of Paris?

No he didn't. King George III did.